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Tamsin Williams

Tamsin WilliamsTamsin Williams explores the effect our personal histories have upon our present lives. While she has often collected spoken stories from members of the public, as a lifelong diarist she increasingly integrates her own narratives into her work. Her Time-lapse pregnancy project includes performance and video installation, alongside clay workshops for antenatal and postnatal parents. She has been researching at the Mass Observation Archive at the University of Sussex, and is working on a project incorporating performance inspired by the diaries there.

She is currently also working on a performance called The Madness that will be performed during the Blank Open Studios in May 2009. This is a performance that looks at the madness of war. It is a grief song in memory of soldiers that died in the Iraq War. It is also a celebration of the homecoming of those soldiers.

Her practice combines residency work, where she responds to communities and places, and performance work where she has explored more personal narratives. She performed Waiting whilst she was pregnant in 2007 to a selected audience of female artists in Portslade Community Centre.

She has worked as artist in residence around the UK. For example, she created a video and sound installation in Guildford Cathedral, and collected train tales on London to Brighton trains as a Year of the Artist Residency. In June 2007 she was artist in residence at the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill.